Techniques can include:

materialsThis list includes examples of some of the materials that can be used in a session. Individual learning styles, including an appreciation for the visual, aural and kinaesthetic preferences of individual participants, is part of the discovery of personal voices and clients always maintain control over their choices. Sometimes a client will wish to mostly talk, whereas at other times, talk therapy alone can be a barrier to new insight, relief, and connection.      Suzanne Frydman 


  •  journal writing
  • paints – water colour, acrylic, oils
  • masks
  • photography
  • colour pencils
  • clay, das, playdough
  • sand-tray
  • word cards
  • OH cards
  • poetry, short story, fiction, non-fiction
  • natural elements – stones, leaves, twigs, sand
  • personal symbols
  • musical instruments, favourite songs, lyrics, CDs