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An experiential approach

In this experiential approach knowledge and feelings are accessed through actions and processes, rather than the traditional ‘talk therapy’ method alone. Each session will begin with a discussion of possible goals and activities for either a 60 or 90 minute session and then move into experiential learning. Throughout the session activities will be negotiated in a gentle and safe manner as they evolve.

No, you do not need to be ‘creative’, you already are creative in your own unique way.

Yes, this is about using your own voice to explore your own personal story.

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      Engaging body and mind

Engaging fully in practices such as deep relaxation can allow feelings to emerge in a safe & new context, fully supported by a physical body that can move beyond fight or flight responses. In a 90 minute session, discussion can take place around personal themes and creative visualisations in order to create a personalised deep relaxation recording to take home.

Meditation teaches you to relax with the discomfort of sadness and stay with it, not turn it into something else. At this point, you can lay claim to your brand of helpful activity, whether it takes the form of activism, leadership, charitable work, making art, prayer or simple, basic kindness to all.

 The Importance of Sadness – Susan Piver


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 In the flow of activity

Some clients choose to explore arts therapy in counselling sessions. In these sessions, drawing, writing or creating in different ways, either in a quiet space or as we talk, can provide relief from anxiety about the future or past, as well as reveal new knowledge. Being fully engaged in a task can help us move beyond our inner critic or judge. This work is not about creating art, writing, movement or sounds that are necessarily pleasing or artistic. Rather, it is about experiencing aspects of yourself and personal learning through these activities. 

You are free to go into a sort of a trance state in which your pen (or keyboard) seems to channel whatever bubbles up from inside. You can connect those self-observing and narrative parts of your brain without worrying about the reception you’ll get.  

Why you should write a letter to yourself tonight – Bessel van der Kolk

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